Direct to the public Vitamin D

testing from our NHS laboratory

Our service to the public

Your sample is analysed in our NHS laboratory - we are the UKs original public testing service and have operated  since 2011. We are one one of the largest vitamin D testing laboratories in the NHS. Our test pack is sent 1st class and contains all the components required to take a home sample and send it back to us for analysis.   We also send orders across the world. We give you clear instructions on how to take the finger-prick blood sample. You return the sample along with a completed consent form in the pre-paid envelope. Results are sent to you by email as a PDF or by post if you prefer. Our service is used both by the public and those undertaking research and development.

How it works…..

This Vitamin D test service to the public has been operating since 2011. UK orders include reply postage. For overseas orders you add postage to the envelope. In our video Barbara demonstrates how to do the Vitamin D test at home -  link here.. Your results are compared to reference intervals used by the NHS to interpret if you have enough vitamin D or need to supplement. A traffic light system helps with interpretation. We use the latest LC-MS/MS equipment to measures D3 and D2 to give a ‘Total Vitamin D’ level. To purchase Vitamin D  test kits use the links above . We supply professionals and academics doing R&D around the world in bulk - 10s and 50s, at discounted rates.

Contacting us


Tel: +44 (0) 121 507 4278

Our Address: Clinical Biochemistry Department, Black Country Pathology Services City Hospital Birmingham, B18 7QH, UK This service is provided to the public from the SWBH NHS laboratory, part of Black Country Pathology Service (BCPS). Our work is overseen by the governance policies, procedures and Quality System that applies to BCPS. Please contact us if you would like further details in this area. Note: Birmingham Picture Library receives internet orders and forwards them at once to the laboratory. All queries are handled by the laboratory directly with you from then on.
Questions Answered About Us
BCPS-V. 2020/18/2 Last Updated:16th May 2020 Review Date: 28th September 2020
Current Service and Coronavirus:  We are operating our vitamin D postal service to the public as normal with very strong demand as people decide to check their vitamin D status.  We turn round work as fast as possible.  Currently we aim to get results to you within 10 days rather than our normal 4-7 working days. This reflects the impact of social distancing and other factors on our laboratories.