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vitamin d blood spot test report

This is the style of the report that is emailed to you as a PDF file. It includes a traffic light system to help you interpret the result. If you need to discuss the results with a professional advisor it is clear on the report that your sample has been analysed in an NHS laboratory.

Vitamin D

Lab Tests Online is an excellent place for information on pathology tests, including Vitamin D. There are many other websites that look in detail at Vitamin D and it is not the  purpose of this site to try and replicate this information.

Advice from the Scottish Government on Vitamin D. This leaflet is aimed at increasing awareness of the recommended Vitamin D levels and was sent to all GPs and Health Professionals in Scotland in 2010.

NHS Choices advice on Vitamin D

City Assays and SWBH NHS Trust

City Assays based at the Pathology Department of Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust. We offer pathology services to Birmingham and the Black Country. Our main laboratory is based at City Hospital close to the centre of Birmingham.

We have run a fat soluble Vitamin laboratory for over 30 years and have state of the art equipment for the determination of Vitamin D. Our blood spot method was in development for over a year before coming into service. The research emphasis has been on blood spot results being aligned to the more conventional serum results and increasing the assay's sensitivity enabling us to measure levels in a blood spot disc.

Our intention is to offer an analytical service of the highest standard at a reasonable price and to ensure we do this in an ethical and clinically supportive way.

Privacy Policy

As an NHS pathology department we take privacy issues very seriously and comply with the policies and procedures on information governance  and data protection operated by SWBH NHS Trust. For further information see here:



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