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Your test pack is sent 1st class and contains all components required to take a home sample. We send orders across the world. You return the sample along with a completed consent form in the pre-paid envelope. Analyse din our NHS laboratory - turn round of 4-7 working days. Results are sent to you by email as a PDF or by post if you prefer. Our service is used by the public and those undertaking R&D.
Doing the Test •	In our video Barbara shows you how to do the vitamin D test! •	Packs come with full  instructions. •	UK orders include reply postage. For overseas orders you add postage to the envelope. •	We have a helpline for you if there are any problems with taking the  sample. •	Your results are compared to reference intervals used by the NHS and we use a traffic light system to help with interpretation.

Our NHS Laboratory

We are now part of Black Country Pathology Services serving four NHS Trusts in Birmingham and the Black Country. C-MS/MS, measures D3 and D2 to give a ‘Total Vitamin D’. Our Vitamin D test service to the public has been operating since 2011 and carries a CE mark. Results are closely aligned to serum results. Ranges for serum and blood spot are comparable.

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Direct to the public vitamin D blood spot test from an NHS laboratory
Vitamin D Test Enquiries - email for the most efficient service - including non-delivery of test packs or results not received: Email: Alternatively telephone your enquiries/orders to: +44 (0)121 507 4278

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Address: Clinical Biochemistry Department,  City Hospital Birmingham, B18 7QH, UK Email: Note: Birmingham Picture Library receive the initial internet orders on behalf of  SWBH NHS Trust. All queries are handled by the laboratory directly with you.

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