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Q. How do I use my bank card at checkout? I do not want/have a PayPal account? A. To pay by bank card use the link below the ‘or’ – the second time you click it your details re-appear and you can complete your purchase. Q. You have sent me a result of Vitamin D = 12 nmol/L which is in the severe deficiency area. What should I do? A. Firstly please appreciate that this is not unusual. Many people in the UK have surprisingly low levels of Vitamin D. Levels this low need supplementation and you should discuss this further with your GP or pharmacist locally. They can advise on the correct approach to get levels into the healthy area. Q. How long does my test pack take to arrive? A. We send kits out by Royal Mail 1st class post on weekdays or by airmail for overseas orders. So you should receive your pack within a few days of placing your order. Q. Can I use the test on my child? A. The test is designed for adults. If you use the kit on children we advise that you have a trained nurse or phlebotomist help take the sample. Q. How many times can I test myself? A. For personal use we do not recommend that you test yourself more than twice a year. The multi-packs are really meant for professional workers such as nutritionists and University researchers. Q. Can you direct me to an easy to understand article about Vitamin D? A. Yes, this NHS advice is clearly written and covers a lot of areas and we find very helpful.. Q. How long does it take to receive results? A. Once we receive your sample in the laboratory our aim is 4-7 working days before we email results to you, but this can vary depending on our workload. Q. Can you measure Vitamin D in animals? A. Yes, we have been working with major zoological societies and researchers in the UK since 2012 to monitor Vitamin D levels in a wide range of animals from monkeys to reptiles and birds. Of course results need careful interpretation with veterinary reference intervals rather than those we use for humans. Q. Do you send packs overseas? A. Yes, we send kits as far away as New Zealand.
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